As the Talent Acquisition Lead for Solugenix, Angela Amoranto guides the strategy and processes for discovering and attracting exceptional talent. Angela brings a decade of experience in workforce development and planning including talent sourcing, acquisition, onboarding, and training at the enterprise level. In her role, she collaborates with hiring managers to identify staffing needs, job specifications, duties and responsibilities, competencies, qualifications, and skills.

Angela collaborates across disciplines and departmental leaders while using a highly developed analytical approach to varied career discipline background research. This is balanced by an attuned insight into the human behavioral assessment. Her deep understanding of the Solugenix portfolio of services and enterprise client sector missions informs her collaborations with internal stakeholders. This enables her to successfully identify and integrate leading talent that spurs the company’s continued growth and leadership across North American customer markets.

Prior to joining Solugenix, Angela held various talent acquisition and training development leadership positions in a national staffing and workforce development firm as well as with governmental and post-secondary education institutions. While these roles were the genesis of an extensive track record in candidate development and experience programs, they also ignited her passion for helping people achieve their career goals.

Angela holds a Bachelor’s Degree In Criminal Justice from CSUF and a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from Capella University. When she’s not overseeing the talent acquisition process, she can be found enjoying the outdoors, sports, cycling and spending time with her family.

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