CoSMoS℠ Customer Service Maturity Model

After 40 years of working with leading companies to build stable and effective Customer Support Service organizations, we’ve learned that even successful companies have very different capabilities, tools, and cultures around Customer Service. To understand why some companies excel at Customer Service while others struggle, it’s beneficial to focus on what Customer Service leaders are doing to set themselves apart.

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CoSMoS℠, the Customer Service Maturity Model from Solugenix, provides a framework through which to assess the maturity level of your organization’s Customer Service capabilities. It serves as a basis for strategic decision making and laying down the roadmap to help you achieve your organizational goals.

The Benefits

CoSMoS highlights the behaviors, technologies, processes and practices that top-performing companies with excellent Customer Service have adopted. Typically, companies that are further along in the Maturity Model are found to be more efficient, scalable, and profitable when compared to others. This advantage makes sense when you consider that these companies are more likely to achieve positive customer satisfaction scores and greater customer loyalty as a result of the elevated service experience. Greater customer loyalty leads to longer average customer tenure and ultimately greater lifetime value. Companies that focus strategically on excelling in Customer Service will see the value of their efforts impact the bottom line.

The Maturity Model helps you assess your current capabilities to understand the areas where there is room to grow and prioritize your next steps. It is how you can keep pace with the fast-changing demands of your modern customer.

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The Challenge

How does your service measure up to competitors in the industry? Are you focusing your efforts on the right business objectives? What is Customer Service excellence?

The Maturity Model and underlying Assessment is offered by Solugenix to Customer Service stakeholders in medium to large enterprises from any industry vertical and geographic territory. Executives, VPs, Directors, or Managers in functions such as Customer Experience, Customer Care, Operations and VoC teams, to name a few, would benefit from a greater understanding of how their customer service practices compare to leaders and trendsetters in the industry.

CoSMoS provides a means to evaluate your organization objectively on each of the key Customer Service dimensions, relative to both industry benchmarks and leading best practices. So, whether you are looking to reestablish your existing CRM system or implement a small change, the success of your Customer Service strategy depends on an understanding of your customer service function’s maturity and how it measures along key customer service dimensions.

The Solution

While most assessments focus on operational metrics, this multi-dimensional approach takes a more objective and comprehensive view of the key components that make up the customer service ecosystem. Although these seven dimensions are each distinct in their focus, they support one another and integrate to form the fabric of a holistic customer service experience. Given this interconnectedness, CoSMoS will give you visibility into the most fertile ground for advancement in your customer service maturity.

By evaluating your processes, systems, and practices, CoSMoS can identify important opportunities for growth, and give clear insights into which specific services and capabilities need to be updated, expanded or otherwise improved. CoSMoS provides a framework for understanding what is working, what is possible, and which changes to your key Customer Service Delivery dimensions are likely to yield the most value for your organization.

Our team of Customer Support Service experts at Solugenix has developed the Customer Service Maturity Model as an online self-assessment tool that analyzes and reports on the all-around maturity level of a Customer Service organization.


The assessment is based on seven dimensions of Customer Service:

Your Next Steps

With CoSMoS, the goal is ultimately to improve the service you provide through a step-by-step process of increasing maturity on several key dimensions, with added business value at each step.