Learn how Solugenix can help strengthen your business as your long-term IT solutions and staffing partner.

Solugenix General Brochure

Solugenix Corporation

Since our start in 1969, Solugenix Corporation has been fulfilling the IT needs of some of the most well respected global corporations in the U.S. as an IT solutions and Service Management innovator. We make this statement with confidence as we have the statistics, clients, and metrics to prove it. Just ask and we’re happy to provide the data.

Solugenix ServiceNow Talent Difference

The Solugenix ServiceNow Talent Difference

For over 45 years, Solugenix Corporation has been providing solutions in the IT Service Management (ITSM) domain to some of America’s leading companies. We understand that ITSM has become the focal point for enhancing IT value and impact to an organization’s core business. Now, we bring our decades of Service Management experience to enhance your ServiceNow talent.

Solugenix Professional Staffing Services

Solugenix Professional Staffing Services

The Professional Staffing Services of Solugenix Corporation are designed to partner with you in building that quality IT team. We provide the best IT talent with specialized skills, industry-specific expertise, and grounding in ITSM/ITIL so that they fit your needs today and tomorrow.

ServiceNow Virtual Administration Support

Solugenix Virtual Administration ServiceNow

Find the right ServiceNow professionals when you need them. Solugenix has experienced ServiceNow virtual administrators and developers dedicated to supporting ServiceNow, so your team can focus on its core responsibilities.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management Brochure

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Solugenix is bringing the future to Customer Service Management with an integrated cloud-based platform —ServiceNow. The ServiceNow platform combines functionality and form in a way that truly streamlines the way Customer Service works.