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Solugenix Corporation has been providing solutions to some of the biggest and most influential global corporations for over 50 years.

We partner with the best professionals in the US and abroad to fulfill their career potential and match them with the most fitting job opportunities at one of our offices or with our clients at Fortune 1000 companies.

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Why Solugenix

The focus is on two key stakeholders: our clients and our employees.

Solugenix recruits and sustains a diverse pool of extraordinarily talented people to create an environment that allows meritocracy and a healthy feedback system to flourish. This produces a strong sense of achievement and team bonding.

Solugenix takes a long-term perspective on employee relationships to evolve a fruitful association. That is why the Solugenix core team of leaders is committed to employee development, mentoring and creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Why Solugenix

Life At Solugenix

Workplace Philosophy

Workplace Philosophy

Solugenix strives to make the workplace an engaging place to be with team building activities, benefits, career advancement opportunities, and a work-life balance. The company is committed to instilling a culture that fosters diversity and respectful, open dialogue that reinforces an environment of growth –for employees and for the business.

Solugenix Core Values

Values often drive culture –at Solugenix, values are what have made the company what it is today.

The Solugenix values are defined as: a focus on clients first; taking ownership; embracing learning; acting with integrity; putting team above self; and supporting the community. These are some of the values that Solugenix team members live by every day.

Team members at Solugenix know that creating a set of written values doesn’t matter if those values are not integrated into the workplace. That is why as organization, the emphasis has been to educate, train and reinforce the Solugenix Values among all members of the team.

Solugenix Core Values

What Employees Love About Their Company

“A True Meritocracy”

At Solugenix, we value high performance and outstanding service. To achieve optimal organizational efficiency, we focus on rewards and recognition based on merit, not politics.

Internally, we give proper diligence to every task and interaction. It’s what we expect of ourselves. We offer the opportunity to work with the most current technologies in a friendly and professional environment.

We support the professional growth and development of our staff because we know that teams that continually learn, succeed.

We have been developing life-changing technology solutions since 1969 – we’ve weathered economic downturns and survived through the decades.

We are people from all walks of life, doing our life’s work in a culture of respect.
Our exceptional team is comprised of employees who hold 31% Bachelor’s Degrees, 35% Master’s and 3% Doctorate’s Degrees. We represent a wide range of age groups and ethnicities, and speak over 15 different languages.

Gender Diversity at Solugenix

We have a vision for a better future which includes a safer, greener society and an eco-system that supports the world’s growing high-tech needs.

To make that vision a reality, Solugenix does its part to be an agent of change and push initiatives that will create a cultural shift. That is why we have committed ourselves to numerous non-profit programs to drive the vision forward.

Our non-profit monetary and volunteer support includes initiatives with Women in Technology International, Junior Achievement, FIRST Robotics Competition teams, Doctors without Borders, Human Options, Branded by Compassion, the Arizona Science Bowl and many more. We hope to be a small cog in the gears of global change.

What Solugenix Offers

Solugenix combines professionalism and a culture of responsibility for our employees that has developed over many decades.

What to expect as a Solugenix Team Member:

  • An environment to grow and achieve career goals
  • Challenging tasks with clear directions and objectives
  • Training with the many of the industry’s experts
  • Great opportunities for career advancement
  • Competitive salaries reflecting domain knowledge, experience and achievement
  • Respect for individual opinion and team building activities to boost team spirit
  • Work-life balance to ensure your career and personal life are aligned

Some of our Benefits

  • Healthcare Options
  • Paid Time Off – vacation, sick leave, holiday, etc.
  • Retirement Plan Benefits
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Short Term Disability (STD) Insurance
  • Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance
  • Additional merit-based awards and recognition
  • Work From Home Opportunities
Solugenix Offers to Employees

While we work hard at Solugenix, we also know how to create a culture of fun and camaraderie. Our team members have opportunities to create solid, long-term working relationships.

Whether it’s convening in a recreation/break room to share a soda or a meal, participating in indoor and outdoor games, or engaging in competitions to raise money for local charities, employees are afforded ample occasions to connect and grow professionally.

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