Solugenix 50th Anniversary

Rooted in simplicity

When Russell Shields started the business in Chicago in 1969, it was known as Shields Enterprises Inc., which quickly became SEI. As the company grew, it developed a presence in Los Angeles; New York City; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Washington, D.C.

In 2004, Shields sold the company’s IT consulting division to a group of current and former SEI managers. Shields retained ownership of the help desk division, renaming it SEI, LLC. The new IT consulting company was named Solugenix, and Shashi Jasthi became the president and CEO.

Solugenix has purposely maintained the simple ownership and governing structure of its SEI roots, allowing it to attract and retain the talented, highly skilled people who have been crucial to the technological successes that have peppered the company’s 50-year history.

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Contributions to the World of Technology

Over the years, the company’s penchant for experimenting with technology has transformed business operations for clients in remarkably diverse industries, and these technological successes have led to a number of corporate spinoffs.


Pioneered the first billing system for the emerging cell phone industry back in the 1980s. The core logic in that system is still used by major carriers today.


Solugenix conceived, developed, tested and deployed the components that make GPS navigation possible, including road maps, routing, map display and traffic data integration. Eventually, that business unit became Navteq. Today, over 80 percent of all GPS systems and web-based services use maps, routes and traffic data from Navteq’s derivative companies.

Z5 Mobile Healthcare Inventory

More recently, with the technology that led to Z5 Inventory, Solugenix revolutionized the way large health systems such as Trinity Health manage their inventory. Solugenix still owns part of Z5 and is responsible for overseeing the company’s growth.

Remote Ordering

Solugenix also developed the remote ordering center technology that makes it possible to connect thousands of quick-service restaurant drive-thrus across the country to a central call center. The world’s largest quick-service restaurant company ended up buying this business unit, and several other large quick-service restaurant companies use the technology.

How We’re Inspiring the Future

Into the next generation, Solugenix will continue to deepen its involvement in high-value, high-risk business processes, where they know they can change the business model and change the value clients receive from their processes. It’s a goal that aligns with one of Solugenix’s core philosophies — absolute commitment to the client’s success. The company is dedicated to changing the way today’s companies operate and propel them into the future.

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